What Is Shhhh! For Windows?

It's About Making Secure Passwords

Shhhh! For Windows is a unique and easy to use password generator and manager. That's its first and primary function. Every password you create with it is customizable or just pick from a list of preset templates from the most popular online services to create your password and go.

Passwords can be as simple as a short length of letters or as complex as a mixture of letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation. You can allow any of those elements or you can require at least one of them. We're talking maximum entropy here. You decide.

Passwords can be as little as 6 characters or as many as 4096 characters in length. You decide.

When you need it, the password can easily be recalled with the press of a special key combination and typed out for you or copied onto the Windows® clipboard or both. You decide.

It's About Making Text Macros

You can take that same easy to recall and use functionality and apply it to passwords or text macros. You decide.

Text macros can do everything from date and time to commonly used special characters to launch applications. You decide.

It's About Recalling And Using Your Passwords Or Text Macros

Each and every account password or text macro can have its own unique key combination to instantly recall it or you may recall it and quickly choose it from a filtered list. You decide.

Each and every one of the account passwords and text macros in your list can have an Account Name, Username and Url associated with it.

You can also launch any program, open any folder, or open your browser to a specific web site with just the press of a key.

You decide.

 It's About Capturing Snippets From Any Window On Your Screen

With Shhhh! Deskpaint, you can now capture a portion of your screen quickly and easily.

You decide.

It's About Putting Notes On Your Screen Snippets

You can also draw simple notes or doodles on your screen snippets in real-time before you save them. Not in the right place? You can just re-position the whole capture window or resize it to cover your whole screen. Your doodle is scaled and moves with the window.

Best of all, Deskpaint is built in to Shhhh! For Windows. So  you can map it to any hotkey you like to bring it up in an instant.

You decide

It's About Making It Portable To Run Just About Anywhere

Install it on your computer and use it from home. Copy the program directory to a USB drive and use it at work, an internet cafe or your friend's place. You decide.

Runs on any computer running Windows® from XP to the latest Windows® 10. You decide.

It's About Keeping It All Secure

Each of those accounts are compressed and encrypted on your disk keeping them safe and secure. We decide.

In order to use the program you must define your own PIN code. Keep it safe and remember it because you'll need it every time you run the program to view your accounts. We decide.

It's About Affordability

All that for just $5.00 CDN. That's right for just $5.00 you can use this program at work or at home or anywhere. Because we trust you, we'll let you try it in its full version for free and without a time limit knowing that you'll like it so much that you'll come back and pay for it. You decide.

It's About Making A Difference

Out of every unit sold, 25% of the proceeds will go to the Sick Kids Hospital. So if you pay for it we're making a difference together. We decide.

So go check it out at the Shhhh! For Windows page.

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