Shhhh! For Windows

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Shhhh! is an account password manager and generator, but can also handle any single or multiple line text string macros and quickly insert them into any document you are working on with the press of a user definable key combination.

It's purpose is to allow you to manage, recall and apply your account passwords or any text macro from your Windows® based computer quickly and easily.

With the most recent version you can even launch applications, open frequently used folders and web sites as simply as the press of a key combination that you define.

It is actively developed and maintained so you can expect many updates and additions in future releases.

A macro language allows you to create time or account dependent dynamic macros, that include information based upon the date, time or the account from which you recall the macro.

It is portable and may be copied to a USB drive or other portable device for use on the go. Use it from just about any Windows computer.

It uses a proprietary and a custom encryption scheme to keep your account information safe.

It's compact. When running it's memory footprint is minimal (can be as little as 200 kilobytes even with a high quantity of accounts).

It can manage hundreds of accounts and text macros in the unlimited release (my personal copy is above 100 accounts right now as this is written).


  • Simple online and local account password manager
  • Configurable password generator with prebuilt templates that can be recalled with a hotkey
  • Scriptable text macros at the press of a user definable hotkey
  • Built in Deskpaint app that allows you to grab clips of your desktop and draw over them
  • Built in Font Spy app allows you to browse installed fonts quickly and with your own custom text
  • Custom encryption to keep your account passwords safe from prying eyes

The accounts when used are resistant to Van Eck TEMPEST based and Elecromagnetic based eavesdropping and password hacking.

TEMPEST is the Government and Military standard for protection against remote spying utilizing electronic eavesdropping instruments to compromise computer electromagnetic emanations.

The full version allows you an unlimited amount of accounts.

You are free to share with whomever you'd like as many times as you'd like. Share the installer as it will make it the easiest starting place for new users. Please consider purchasing this software if you do use it as Shhhh! Digital have put a lot of work into making this a great Windows app.

We at Shhhh! Digital hope you will find this program useful and beneficial on your personal or business computer.

Pass the word along and we look forward to hearing your feedback which can be sent to:

A version for Mac, Android and iPhone is planned and will be available in the near future based upon demand.

Buy version for Windows XP, Vista, Window 7, Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 32 and 64 bit below.

$5.00 CDN (Pricing change effective as of August 24,2015 3:30 PM GMT-4).
If you previously purchased Shhhh! For Windows or want to try it before you buy it, you are free to download the full version software to try it for 30 Days fully functional. If you are upgrading, install the new version directly over the old one (in the same location on your disk) and don't uninstall the previous version before you do so that you keep all of your accounts and passwords intact.

Keep in mind that if you haven't purchased Shhhh! and keep it past the 30 days your payment could not only help in paying for that cost of continuous upgrades in this version, but it could also help researchers at the Sick Kids Hospital with a break through.

25% of every unit sold (that's $1.25 cents per unit and Shhhh! Digital eats the processing fees and tax) will be donated to the Sick Kids Hospital for research.

This is not a scam, ransomware trojan or virus.

How each sale breaks down in terms of the distribution of finances:

$0.30 Paypal flat processing fee
$0.15 Paypal 2.9% transaction fee
$0.39 Canadian Sales tax
$1.25 Charitable donation
$2.66 Shhhh! Digital

Any currency conversion fees will come off of Shhhh! Digital's return and will not affect the total donation amount. Donations are given to Sick Kids Hospital in multiples of $25 as sales the sales for each unit of Shhhh! accumulate.

That's a great value seeing as the total human hours spent on this project put it at 3200 hours total (plus numerous hours testing before it even made it to market).

Software developers and content producers put a lot of effort into their work and supporting them by purchasing their products rather than counterfeit or pirated copies means a better economy the world over. For everyone. Not only that it means more great products and content in the future. Not to mention what you get out of the product by using it.

Brian Joseph Johns

Copyright © 2015 Brian Joseph Johns

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