Shhhh! Digital Web Show

Shhhh! Digital Web Show

Welcome to Shhhh! Digital Web Show

This is a very simple kiosk application for turning your PC into a simple web Kiosk or just a visual slideshow of web sites you most like. Use the integrated browser to find the sites you most like and add them to your slide show.

New in this version:

- Integrated browser allows you to browse to the sites you'd like to add with the new Edit Mode toggle
- Disable downloading from the program Settings

It is easy to run and easy to use.


- Choose a custom scrolling message to display
- Customize its font and colors
- Show the time and date
- Select and create a web slide show containing the urls of sites that you choose
- Set the delay time between web slides
- More features to come

That's it!

Once it is setup it will run in a continuous loop until you exit.

Just move the mouse to the bottom of the screen and the interface buttons will appear.

When you return to the application it will have all your settings the way you left them including your web slide show.


What do we at Shhhh! Digital want in exchange for this?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If you do want to give back please consider donating a little money one of these charitable causes:

The Sick Kids Organization
The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
The Cancer Research Institute
The United Way Worldwide

Shhhh! Digital Web Show for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. 32 or 64 bit.

Download the latest version installer directly from Google Drive here. No sign-in required.

MD5 for the installer file is E55D7AD76222A0E18B8CF30CB566982C

(What is MD5? MD5 is a checksum value that can uniquely identify a file as being the same as when you download it. That ensures that you're getting the same file posted by the developer. If you'd like an MD5 checker for Windows® I suggest using WinMD5free.)

Installer created with Inno Setup

Copyright © 2015 Shhhh! Digital, Brian Joseph Johns

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