Font Spy: The Covert Font Browser

This is a very compact and lightweight font browsing utility for anyone who works with fonts on a Windows computer as part of their design work. It has some great features too:
  • It sits in your task tray until you need it, using few resources. 
  • Allows you to preview all installed fonts in two formats. A grid with each character displayed in sequence so you can view characters that don't occur on the keyboard and in a rich text editor. 
  • Copy extended characters such as © or ® to the clipboard for insertion into your document graphic. 
  • Easily view all of the characters of a font, even the ones that aren't available by keyboard.
  • Instantly preview changes to your own custom text in a rich text editor.
  • Set all of your font preview options in real time.
  • Automatic complimentary color selection for your font color.
  • Very easy to navigate between fonts. 
  • Snazzy skins interface styles.
  • A great name for all you fans of covert films. 
  • Look for multi-language in the future. 
  • More features to come or write and request features that you'd like to see.

How much you may ask? 

Is it two dollars

Five dollars

A thousand dollars?
Answer: No. 

It's completely FREE. 

No catch. No adware. No data snooping.

If you're grateful and you can give something - make a donation to: 

The Sick Kids Foundation 
    That's all we ask at Shhhh! Digital

    Font Spy: The Covert Font Browser was created with Embarcadero Rad Studio
    Font Spy for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. 32 or 64 bit.

    Download the latest version installer directly from Google Drive here. No sign-in required.

    MD5 for the installer file is 7DA3A02B3A0C0B0E71044FBAF3774F27

    (What is MD5? MD5 is a checksum value that can uniquely identify a file as being the same as when you download it. That ensures that you're getting the same file posted by the developer. If you'd like an MD5 checker for Windows® I suggest using WinMD5free.)

    Installer created with Inno Setup

    Copyright © 2015 Shhhh! Digital, Brian Joseph Johns

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