Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Latest release of Shhhh! For Windows v0.96.9.909...

The latest release of Shhhh! For Windows is available for download. It features a variety of additions and bug fixes.

The most notable addition is the integration of Font Spy into the Shhhh! application itself via the Shhhh! Macro language with the new command {FONTSPY}.

Font Spy allows you to installed browse fonts quickly and easily either from a table of the font's character set of by the custom test that you set. Again this is easily available with the press of a hotkey.

A host of other improvements have been made along with a few performance tweaks of the encryption engine and improvements on the interface operation.

Upcoming Feature Under Development

One of the planned features is a local input recorder (don't confuse this with the malicious malware keylogger or keyboard sniffer).

The input recorder allows you to record all input that occurs via mouse and keyboard and then play it back at a later time using the same hotkey features of Shhhh! Mouse playback can either be absolutely what was recorded or relative to the mouse position when playback was started. Mouse playback will feature keyframed cubic interpolation (cosine) for smoother curves.

The recorder can combine keystrokes in the same recording session so you could potentially use it for common Photoshop, Lightwave 3D or other operations in the 2D or 3D package of your choice.

For instance you could record yourself hand drawing a flower in Photoshop (with a mouse stylus) and playback that recording relative to the current stylus location (but with different Photoshop brush settings). Its like having a macro recorder brush. All built into Shhhh! and for the same low price of $5.00 CDN. Remember that 25% of the return after currency conversion, taxes and service charges is donated to the Sick Kids Foundation.

So why not step over to the download page and give it a try?

Brian Joseph Johns