Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shhhh Digital's Special Guests...

Shhhh Digital was visited today the mysterious masked vigilantes who've been seen in various locations across the city of Toronto and sometimes in other parts of the world. Known only as the mysterious Butterfly Dragon she was accompanied two ladies known only as Night Style and The Eclipse.

"We don't show our faces too often and certainly not at any official standing but this seemed like a good cause and chance to lend our presence for the greater good." the Butterfly commented for the press.

"This is one of those causes that is really close to my heart and I'm glad to see an idea like this making its way through many organizations seeking to make a difference." added Night Style.

"I'm definitely with my friends on this and I've contributed my fair share though I heard there'd be a catering table here. But seriously its all about the charity." the Eclipse finished their answers for the press.

"This sort of thing has also been a part of book sales too as we heard that a somewhat over the hill hunky Canadian author has been penning stories about our adventures. Normally we would have paid him a visit and urged him to stop trying to profit from our work but we quickly found out that he was doing the same thing. Giving up 25% of his proceeds to a variety of charities that reflected what is in the books and essentially what we're about. Someone else has been stealing the credit for his work and even attributing activities to him that are not his and we're investigating that for ourselves. Imagine that! Stealing from someone who was using their proceeds to raise money for a charity!" the Butterfly Dragon clenched her fists slightly.

"That sounds like something Torman would do!" Night Style added.

"Don't worry. We'll find the culprit. And when we do...." the Eclipse's face grimaced.

"...We'll turn them over to the law." the Butterfly Dragon finished.

"Even if you don't buy anything from Shhhh! Digital or any other organization who shares their proceeds similarly, you can always donate money or toys directly yourself." Night Style finished their address to the press.

Shortly after a quick photo session they disappeared into city. The Butterfly Dragon and the Eclipse taking flight into the sky and Night Style quickly scaling a local office tower before she disappeared.

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Brian Joseph Johns