Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shhhh! For Windows released...

The latest version of Shhhh! For Windows has been posted and updated.

The latest version includes a great new feature called Deskpaint. Deskpaint is a very simple paint and capture application that allows you to paint and grab snippets from your screen and any windows beneath the Deskpaint window. You can even watch and paint over a real-time video viewport and then grab a byte sized (pun intended) snippet of the screen or the entire screen if you like. Add into that all of the great text macro and password generation features of Shhhh! For Windows and you've got a powerhouse tool.

  • Works with Direct X and OpenGL games too (in Windowed mode) allowing you to quickly capture a snippet of the action, painting over it before you do if you'd like to highlight an area of the screen.
  • The snippet you grab is dependent upon the size of the client area of the Deskpaint window.
  • It works great with a touch screen too.

Here's some actual images captured with the Deskpaint tool in Shhhh! For Windows

The best part is that it integrates into the same hotkey features of Shhhh! allowing you to call up the Deskpaint window with the press of a user definable hotkey. Indispensible for capturing those moments on social media sites or other Windows® applications you use.

Fixed in this version:

  • Fixed an annoying bug that displayed an error address dialog when trying to use an account password and picking from the list with a filtered item that did not exist.
  • The Shhhh! Quick Guide documentation has been updated to include and fully explain these new features as it does all of the features of Shhhh! For Windows.

Get your copy of Shhhh! For Windows today!

Now I'm off to work on getting The Butterfly Dragon ready for publishing on in two weeks.

Brian Joseph Johns

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