Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gearing Up For The Next Release Of Shhhh! For Windows...

Shhhh! has come a long way from it's initial release to become a portable powerhouse tool for any Windows PC.

  • It provides the ability to generate effective custom passwords which you can recall at the press of a keyboard macro for any web form or password field you choose.

  • Create custom text macros which you can recall at the press of a keyboard combination for any text editor or text field on the web or Windows.

  • Take snippets of your desktop with Deskpaint, which is integrated into Shhhh! For Windows.

  • Browse all of Windows fonts in real-time with customizable text preview.

  • Keep all of the passwords for your online accounts safe in a portable solution via USB that you can take with you anywhere.

  • Everything is encrypted by XCrypt2 Encryption technology.

The next will release will include many new features!

Brian Joseph Johns
Shhhh! Digital

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Latest release of Shhhh! For Windows v0.96.9.909...

The latest release of Shhhh! For Windows is available for download. It features a variety of additions and bug fixes.

The most notable addition is the integration of Font Spy into the Shhhh! application itself via the Shhhh! Macro language with the new command {FONTSPY}.

Font Spy allows you to installed browse fonts quickly and easily either from a table of the font's character set of by the custom test that you set. Again this is easily available with the press of a hotkey.

A host of other improvements have been made along with a few performance tweaks of the encryption engine and improvements on the interface operation.

Upcoming Feature Under Development

One of the planned features is a local input recorder (don't confuse this with the malicious malware keylogger or keyboard sniffer).

The input recorder allows you to record all input that occurs via mouse and keyboard and then play it back at a later time using the same hotkey features of Shhhh! Mouse playback can either be absolutely what was recorded or relative to the mouse position when playback was started. Mouse playback will feature keyframed cubic interpolation (cosine) for smoother curves.

The recorder can combine keystrokes in the same recording session so you could potentially use it for common Photoshop, Lightwave 3D or other operations in the 2D or 3D package of your choice.

For instance you could record yourself hand drawing a flower in Photoshop (with a mouse stylus) and playback that recording relative to the current stylus location (but with different Photoshop brush settings). Its like having a macro recorder brush. All built into Shhhh! and for the same low price of $5.00 CDN. Remember that 25% of the return after currency conversion, taxes and service charges is donated to the Sick Kids Foundation.

So why not step over to the download page and give it a try?

Brian Joseph Johns

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shhhh Digital's Special Guests...

Shhhh Digital was visited today the mysterious masked vigilantes who've been seen in various locations across the city of Toronto and sometimes in other parts of the world. Known only as the mysterious Butterfly Dragon she was accompanied two ladies known only as Night Style and The Eclipse.

"We don't show our faces too often and certainly not at any official standing but this seemed like a good cause and chance to lend our presence for the greater good." the Butterfly commented for the press.

"This is one of those causes that is really close to my heart and I'm glad to see an idea like this making its way through many organizations seeking to make a difference." added Night Style.

"I'm definitely with my friends on this and I've contributed my fair share though I heard there'd be a catering table here. But seriously its all about the charity." the Eclipse finished their answers for the press.

"This sort of thing has also been a part of book sales too as we heard that a somewhat over the hill hunky Canadian author has been penning stories about our adventures. Normally we would have paid him a visit and urged him to stop trying to profit from our work but we quickly found out that he was doing the same thing. Giving up 25% of his proceeds to a variety of charities that reflected what is in the books and essentially what we're about. Someone else has been stealing the credit for his work and even attributing activities to him that are not his and we're investigating that for ourselves. Imagine that! Stealing from someone who was using their proceeds to raise money for a charity!" the Butterfly Dragon clenched her fists slightly.

"That sounds like something Torman would do!" Night Style added.

"Don't worry. We'll find the culprit. And when we do...." the Eclipse's face grimaced.

"...We'll turn them over to the law." the Butterfly Dragon finished.

"Even if you don't buy anything from Shhhh! Digital or any other organization who shares their proceeds similarly, you can always donate money or toys directly yourself." Night Style finished their address to the press.

Shortly after a quick photo session they disappeared into city. The Butterfly Dragon and the Eclipse taking flight into the sky and Night Style quickly scaling a local office tower before she disappeared.

Shhhh! For Windows is an account password manager and text macro utility with many features. Use it for capturing snippets of the screen as well. There are many features for $5.00 CDN and 25% of all proceeds go to the Sick Kids Foundation.

Until March 31, 2016 Lastman's Bad Boy will match every dollar donated to the Sick Kids Foundation to double the impact of every donation. That includes donations made through Shhhh Digital.

Brian Joseph Johns

Monday, November 16, 2015

Introducing Shhhh! Digital Web Show...

Check Shhhh! Digital Web Show, our our new Windows App...

It's a digital web slide show that you make by browsing to sites with the integrated browser and adding them to your slide bin.

Once you're done jump out of Edit Mode and it plays back your Web Show.

Click here to learn more and download.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New version of Font Spy Released...

Version of Font Spy: The Covert Font Browser has been released.

Font Spy is a Font Browser for Windows® with a small footprint that sits in your tray and allows you to quickly and easily preview fonts in real-time for use in design projects.

Best of all it's completely FREE.

We only ask that if you use it please consider making a donation directly to the Sick Kids Foundation.

You can read the specifications, requirements and download it from the Font Spy page.

Brian Joseph Johns
Shhhh! Digital

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shhhh! For Windows released...

The latest version of Shhhh! For Windows has been posted and updated.

The latest version includes a great new feature called Deskpaint. Deskpaint is a very simple paint and capture application that allows you to paint and grab snippets from your screen and any windows beneath the Deskpaint window. You can even watch and paint over a real-time video viewport and then grab a byte sized (pun intended) snippet of the screen or the entire screen if you like. Add into that all of the great text macro and password generation features of Shhhh! For Windows and you've got a powerhouse tool.

  • Works with Direct X and OpenGL games too (in Windowed mode) allowing you to quickly capture a snippet of the action, painting over it before you do if you'd like to highlight an area of the screen.
  • The snippet you grab is dependent upon the size of the client area of the Deskpaint window.
  • It works great with a touch screen too.

Here's some actual images captured with the Deskpaint tool in Shhhh! For Windows

The best part is that it integrates into the same hotkey features of Shhhh! allowing you to call up the Deskpaint window with the press of a user definable hotkey. Indispensible for capturing those moments on social media sites or other Windows® applications you use.

Fixed in this version:

  • Fixed an annoying bug that displayed an error address dialog when trying to use an account password and picking from the list with a filtered item that did not exist.
  • The Shhhh! Quick Guide documentation has been updated to include and fully explain these new features as it does all of the features of Shhhh! For Windows.

Get your copy of Shhhh! For Windows today!

Now I'm off to work on getting The Butterfly Dragon ready for publishing on in two weeks.

Brian Joseph Johns

Friday, August 14, 2015

New Shhhh! For Windows release...

Shhhh! For Windows has been updated to include some recent changes and some added features.

- New Templates available in the templates list in the Shhhh Editor

- {LAUNCH} macro command now works either with a parameter or by filling in the location of the exe target for the launch command in the URL field of the Shhhh Editor. Two new buttons have been added just above the URL field, one for Folder selections and one for File selection. They can be used to point to a folder or file to use with the launch macro command. {LAUNCH} can also be used with a parameter in the form:

{LAUNCH:URL} which will be used instead of the Url from the Shhhh Editor.


{launch:mspaint.exe} when executed would run the built-in Microsoft Paint application.

- Quick help updated

- Fixed a graphical error in the close button that left trails on the interface

- Fixed tray hint message so as to fit on the screen properly